Visualization by NubOps

The obvious choice for cloud architects and engineers

Web app

Does this sound familiar?

  • You're using Visio to create architecture diagrams
  • You've wondered if an old Visio diagram is still up-to-date
  • You have to click around in the Azure portal to get some kind of idea of whata solution looks like
  • You have a challenge with keeping track of the Azure environment while alsosupporting projects or development teams

NubOps helps you out by collecting information automatically and creating architecture diagrams for you. This saves you time when analyzing solutions, or your Azure environment as a whole. NubOps does the time-consuming work for you. Use the diagrams as a basis for discussions within your organization, for documentation purposes, or just as an easier way to spot what might be missing regarding governance, security or other non-functional requirements.

For cloud architects by cloud architects

Our solution is based on lessons learned from working with IT architecture since 2008. We've developed it to solve real-world challenges with cloud architecture based on our experiences from working on a consultancy basis with supporting financial institutes, banks and global brands. We believe everyone needs to have access to a proper Cloud Architecture Tool-box (CAT). We've designed NubOps to be hassle-free to get started with, easy-to-use and to help solve many of the challenges that come with managing complex Azure environments.

Virtual network
Resource properties

Get easy access to the detailed information you need

The Architect feature shows the resources that are part of your cloud environment, how resources are connected to each other, and also which resources are connected to the Internet. What you'll also get access to is all the detailed properties of each resource. This makes it possible to analyze settings and review if best practices and Microsoft's recommendations have been followed.

You can also:

  • Click on the "Azure Portal" link to go to the resource in Azure if you want to re-configure a setting
  • Get an overview of all the management groups, subscriptions and regions used in your tenant
  • Get an overview of all resource groups and the resources in them
  • See how your management groups have been structured and see where each subscription has been placed
  • View resource properties in JSON format for readability
  • Check out the help section for a resource type to learn more about it