Data Privacy

Personal Data and Personally Identifiable Information

Our fundamental goal with data privacy is to store as little information about private individuals as possible. Nubis Operandis strives to maintain high standards in ethics and compliance with GDPR and other regulations. Information about private individuals is only collected in accordance with clearly stated business justifications.

The personal data of private individuals that is stored in our systems is related to user accounts. All personal data is collected when a user creates a user account in NubOps. The business justifications for storing such personal data in our systems is to:

  • Enable creation of user accounts
  • Be able to contact customers to provide support regarding technical issues
  • Be able to provide updates and news regarding new features, releases and offers for those that opt in to this

There are two options when a customer wants to cancel their NubOps subscription. One is to cancel the subscription but to retain the user account in case it's likely that the subscription will be renewed in the near future. All such inactive user accounts are subject to permanent removal after a grace period of six months. If a subscription isn't renewed after that amount of time there is no longer any sufficient business justification to retain that data.

The second option is to cancel the subscription and to choose to directly remove the user account permanently. The last optionaligns with the right to be forgotten.

Financial information

Nubis Operandis doesn't store any financial information related to our customers, such as credit card holder data (CHD) as defined by PCI-DSS. Financial data is only processed by Stripe, which is a third party that is specialized in providing financial services to other companies.

Information related to your Azure environment

NubOps doesn't store or retain any data about your Azure environment long term in NubOps. NubOps retrieves data from Azure, processes the data and then sends it to the client on your computer after it has been processed. Data is cached internally in NubOps temporarily during processing to reduce the amount of data that has to be retreived from Azure. There are technical limitations how much data can be retreived from Azure and at which rate. Data is only stored locally on your computer after the temporary cache has been disposed. Nubis Operandis has no means to access your Azure data to perform or assist in troubleshooting. All such information must be provided to us by the user with the explicit consent to analyze it during troubleshooting, after which it will be disposed of securely.

Non-personally identifiable information

Nubis Operandis collects and processes data that is strictly related to the general use of NubOps, meaning data which doesn't contain any personal data or personally identifiable information. This data is collected so that we can improve existing features, prioritize development of new features and to pinpoint possible technical issues. The following non-personally identifiable information is collected:

  • Statistics related to how often NubOps is used
  • Statistics related to how many times each features is used
  • Statistics related to how each features is used