Verify that Governance controls are in place

Monitor the current state and how improvements affect the environment

Overview of current state

Do you find yourself in this position?

  • You are accountable for IT operations but the responsibility has been delegated
  • You are required to ensure that the IT environment is secure
  • You want to prevent security incidents from happening
  • You lack reporting regarding what the current state is
  • You're using Excel to keep track of CIDR blocks and IP addresses

Ensuring that the necessary governance and security controls are in place is a major undertaking for anyone. Azure enables you to take advantage of automation using technologies such as Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC). This means however that automation also needs to be applied to analysis and reporting. Otherwise, it won't be possible to detect problems that might be caused by human errors.

Verifying is better than blindly trusting

The Overview feature helps you monitor progress over time. Here you can check how Azure Secure Score changes over time. Ensuring that the secure score is at least above 80% is a common goal which ensures that Defender for Cloud recommendations are being implemented.

Use NubOps to go through the list of audit findings and to collaborate with others on what needs to be done. Access to detailed information is required to share knowledge and identify issues or prioritize tasks.

Web app policies
IP address manager

Get information about virtual networks and IP addresses

Keeping track of networks ranges is necessary when creating a new virtual network so that routing and peering will work as intended. NubOps goes through all your resources in Azure to find IP address ranges and the individual IP addresses that are used for outbound or inbound traffic. Use the IP Address Management feature to get an overview of all the virtual networks, public IP addresses, private IP addresses and DNS zones.