About us

Nubis Operandis is a swedish startup which was founded in 2018 and is located in Stockholm. Our NubOps SaaS offering was launched in March 2023. We are a Microsoft Partner and we were accepted to the Microsoft for Startups program in 2022.

Our vision is that NubOps will help those who already use Azure today, everyone who is looking into using Azure for the first time and those who are just starting out. We want NubOps to benefit you by making it easier for you to understand what your Azure environment and solutions look like, to save you time as you analyze them, to provide access to reference architectures and share information about Azure best practises. Our goal is that this will help you with improving governance and security in your Azure environment.

The Team

Nubis Operandis has a distributed organization and is strongly focused on business collaboration with strategic partners and those who are experts in their field.

Martin Dahlborg
Martin Dahlborg
Co-Founder & CEO

Cloud security architect

"I have always loved the idea of automation as a way of working smarter with infrastructure. Be it scripting using cmd.exe, bash, Perl, PowerShell or IaC. NubOps is based on the same principle of automation with the goal of enabling everyone to work smarter. Spending less time on gathering information manually and more time on reaching informed descisions on how to improve governance and security controls in a cloud environment."

Johan Franzén
Johan Franzén
Co-Founder & Lead architect

Full stack developer

"I'm a full stack software creator with a passion for UX."