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Best Practices for Creating an Azure Naming Convention

Organisations use naming conventions to make it easier and more efficient to work with governance and security. As organisations started to adopt cloud many kept on using the same convention without adapting it. This created issues since those naming conventions, which were designed to be used for on-premise systems, didn’t support new types of resources that are created in cloud environments such as Azure. This article provides a walkthrough of the basic concepts and recommendations related to creating one for Microsoft Azure. A detailed example of a “Naming Convention Guideline” for Azure is also provided to newsletter subscribers.

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Microsoft Azure Resource Tagging Best Practices

by Martin Dahlborg

Checking how tags have been applied is one of the two fastest ways to get an indication of what the current state of an environment is. The second is checking whether a naming convention has been followed. In this article I’ll provide recommendations on how to lay a foundation for a tag management process. We also provide access to a detailed “Resource Tagging Guideline” for newsletter subscribers.

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