NubOps published on Azure Marketplace

08 December 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that Nubis Operandis has officially joined the Azure Marketplace – the premier destination for software and solutions to use when working with Azure.

Trusted Solutions

Azure Marketplace is the go to space to find high-quality reliable solutions and we’re proud to be part of this esteemed community. As a Microsoft partner, and being part of the Microsoft for Startups program, this is another achievement for us to now have been reviewed and approved as an official publisher on Azure Marketplace.

Visualizing Architectures Automatically

NubOps is currently the only solution of its kind on Azure Marketplace, given our focus on automatically visualizing solution architectures, providing detailed information and auditing configurations. Whether you’re looking to enhance your Azure security posture, streamline management, or both, NubOps was designed to help you.

Free to Use

We have published NubOps as a SaaS offering and it’s completely free to use currently. Our main goal has always been to contribute back to the Azure community, that we ourselves are part of. NubOps can now be found under the “IT & Management Tools” or “Security” categories in Marketplace.

Explore NubOps on Azure Marketplace here: Azure Architecture by NubOps