Want to see what your Azure solutions really look like?

Visualize your Azure solutions automatically and explore your tenant to get deep insights. Check for problems, share knowledge with others and focus on fixing issues.

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Work smarter

Create a bird´s eye view of your environment and drill down into the detailed information for insights.

Secure and safe

None of your sensitive data or information is stored in NubOps. Everything is stored in the built-in database in your own browser.

Quick and easy

Our SaaS solution will have you up and running within minutes from now, only using an App Registration with read access.

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Still doing time-consuming visualization manually?

Mistakes, omissions and wasting valuable time on the wrong tasks can be avoided

Visio diagram
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The old way

As resources are added, or removed, it's impossible to keep all diagrams up-to-date.


It's easy to miss crucial details that are important when doing design or analysis.


You're wasting time if you're collecting all necessary information from Azure by hand.

Work smarter with Azure using these solutions

Automatically collect information, create diagrams and check settings

Application view

Visualize your environment and solutions

  • View unique diagrams based on each resource type
  • Analyze configurations and review resources properties
  • Make it easier to understand how everything is connected
  • Detect resources that are missing but should be included

Architecture diagrams are created automatically for you. Spend your time on reviewing them and discussing with others what to change. This will save you time, money while being much easier.

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Secure your assets

  • Check security related settings automatically
  • Verify that resources aren't exposed to the Internet
  • Implement Microsoft's recommendations and security BCP
  • Monitor your security posture and measure improvements

There are security recommendations for each resource type in Azure. Keeping track has to be fast and easy. Ensure that your trust isn't misplaced by verifying that configurations are secure.

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Track changes to maintain control

  • Get an overview of what your environment contains
  • Measure improvements over time
  • Keep up with recommendations and Best Current Practices
  • Ensure that recommended governance controls are in place

Information needs to be presented in a way that is easy to understand. A holistic view of your environment is presented by showing key metrics and aggregating important information.

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NubOps is free of charge

Free? Really? Yes - at least for now. Let us explain:

We're a small and highly dedicated team who has developed NubOps after encountering various challenges with Azure. To bring our vision to full fruition, we invite your invaluable feedback. As an acknowledgment of your contributions, we're offering NubOps for free for a limited time.

As we continuously strive to improve NubOps, we would appreciate your input via occasional surveys. However, there is no binding obligation on your end to provide feedback or partake in these surveys.

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